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Don't Call Me Young Lady!

A silver-haired woman walks into a bar...

Video: Carolyn talks about online dating

I've observed that widowers'  dead wives were saints...divorced men's undead ex-wives are bitches...and men who've never married are still looking for the perfect woman they'll never meet.

How I became a comedian

Being a homely child was the beginning


Buck teeth, thick glasses, and my mother dressed me funny--and the kids called me Professor Pisspot.

Straight A report cards didn't get me a prom date


...but I did have a funny part in the senior class play.

After years of writing novels


...I grabbed a mic, started telling stories--most of them true--and found my true calling at last.

Video: Lusty Carolyn talks about condoms

The clerk in the drugstore directed me to the Family Planning aisle, but I wasn't planning a family--I was just planning on having sex.

Video: Lusty Carolyn talks about blow jobs

Fellatio sounds like the name of a Shakespearean character, but after an educational class in BJs, I'm happy to pass on what I learned.

Video: Vibrator shopping

I've discovered that a vibrator can do only so much. I want one that talks--maybe in French!

Video: meet Lusty Bangor!

A new character makes her debut...

About ME

But wait! There's more!

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And much more is in the works.

First came Lusty Carolyn, a classy woman with a decidedly sassy world view...

Now there's Lusty Bangor, and no telling what she's got on her mind. 

Come along with me!

Carolyn Meyer is a brand new face on the comedy scene with a different--shall we say mature--angle on life, love, and sex. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+...and of course YouTube

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